Design for everyday

So, other than being incredibly busy with a graduating son, boat shopping, moving plans and some other disastrous events, I ran across this site today.  And I was amazed at the designs.  Now of course, it is a collaborative effort but each deck has 54 fabulously unique and wonderfully designed cards.  I know, 52 cards in a deck but the Jokers are beautiful as well.   The 10 of spades in the DC deck is one of my personal favorites, but then I love a good black bird.  Not only is this  a brilliant idea but the gathering of artwork for these projects is an art director’s dream.  Not so many as to drive you crazy but enough to make it interesting and exciting.  Then of course, there is that moment when you go, “shit, why didn’t I think of that.”  I do have a plan of a similar design aspect, but I am not sharing right now.     


Enjoy the beauty of the site and the designs.  


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