The Eternal Optimist


So, here it is the brink of SPRING, we had miserably hot 90 degree weather in March and now in April I am reminded of fall– What’s up wid dat?  I am reminded of  the image on concrete that fall leaves leave behind after a rain.  Is that not one of the most beautiful sights you have ever seen?  Running on those awful misty mornings and seeing those little pieces of art roll under your feet, it can only make you smile.  I have stopped running, thanks to arthritis in my knees, but I still marvel and look forward to those warm toned imprints on the glorious texture of concrete. I should be thinking of spring, I should be focusing on the azaleas and the hostas that popped up, EE gad the tulips that are long gone now.  It is cold in the mornings!?   Spring. Yes, thank goodness you are here.  Optimism.  Joy.  Warmth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And tulips.  Those 6 petals of hope.  The eternal optimist, the tulip.  I buy you, I plant you,  and I applaud you.  Welcome tulip. Welcome Spring.  Bliss. focus, focus, focus.

Tulips, oil on canvas 18 x 24, original oil, P. Castelain
The eternal optimist.

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